Who We Are


Founded by a collective of Ivy League alumni to create a global movement through young leaders, moulded and motivated by a restless passion to make a difference worthy of our future.

Ethics. Humanity. Passion.

Our leadership programs are designed to ignite and focus the capabilities of those in high school, university and young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Designed to increase self-efficacy, hone developments and dynamics required to succeed in
adulthood and the workplace -
we focus not only on individualistic goals, but how they can be parlayed into the betterment of communities by guiding soft skills, communication, interpersonal relationships, goal setting, planning and decision-making.

We nurture global citizens with exceptionally nuanced leadership instincts and skills - and most importantly, positive attitudes driven by purpose, strategy and solution-centric perspectives.

The IVY Future Leader Program aims to prepare individuals at a young age - at which they are fluid, curious, energetic, open to ideas and rapidly evolving into their identity - to navigate the inherent challenges of adolescence and flourish in the potentials of adulthood.

The program guides future leaders in analysing their strengths and weaknesses, and equipping themselves
with the tools to be impactful, efficient and effective in their chosen paths. We mentor them in nurturingself-esteem, retaining it in times of crisis,building confidence, channelling maturity and strategy over impulse, and understanding
their unique brand of self-motivation and what surfaces it.

We want to create those who have the best possible chance and capabilities to be influencers of their time,
and inspirational changemakers that shape what is to come.